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Cold room Condensing Unit Installation Guide

  Type:Industry News   Date:2017-09-08 10:50:46  

Cold Room Condensing Unit Installation GUIDE

Welcome to use China Techco Refrigeration for making the electricity control that the cold product kit produces system(distribution box),Its core control adopts Italian original package import and goes together with to take the high-quality low-pressure electric appliances and various protection function as integral whole,offer yours is that the operation is simple, the safety is dependable,have humanized control system very much.Before your usage please cautiously read usage manual.
If this product has already changed ,Forgive not to make a notice.
1,The safety notice.
(1) :Distribution box takes in danger electric voltage,Controling is dangerous of revolve a machine,have to have the professional personnel to hold an operation certificate of electricity carry on an operation,Such as not by rule operation,may make the property loss or personnel died or injured.
(2) : The suggestion distribution box's the power to install an electric leakage switch into the line side
(3) :Distribution box should install indoors,Promising is well ventilated, didn't leak rain and had no damp environment in,Prevent from causing knot dew to result in outer shell electric leakage because the atmosphere degree of humidity leads to cause temperature to chop about.
(4) :Refrigerant system in the process of installing in,switchbox outer shell and refrigerant system frame have to connect ground,It connects ground to request to press the GB5226.1--2002.8.2 stanza rules a performance.
(5) :Double screws, swirl compressor for the first time switch on electricity an operation should notice to revolve a direction.Can through high, low pressure gauge to judge.Right revolving a direction should be a high pressure gauge to point needle clockwise ascension, the low-pressure gauge points needle negative the hour hand direction descend.Otherwise cut off electric current,Compressor pillar head X11,X12 two lines make exchange,Until correct.
(6) :The system check fixs or replaces components, should strict press electricity industry safety operation the regulations carry on,cut off the power to hang sign,check an electricity,after the confirmation didn't give or get an electric shock,can carry on an operation.
(7) :Sensor wire installation should pay attention to avoid other control lines, separate the intubation, plus long-term joint must be waterproof, lead length should not exceed 100M, to prevent the impact of temperature measurement accuracy.
(8) :Defrost sensor probe installed in the evaporator back to 45 degrees above the location of the trachea, close to the evaporator 100-200mm Department of platinum with a 0.1-0.3mm copper pipe around the sensor and back to 2-3 weeks, and then wire fastened to ensure good contactthen wrap with insulation material.
(9) :Parameter setting thermostat should be set cold storage requirements, according to the evaporator to adjust the financial cream frosting cycle time, defrost intervals, defrost stop temperature, melt cream dripping time.
(10) :While refrigerant system inner part to present vacuum state,the compressor strictly forbids to switch on electricity an operation,the compressor strictly forbids to switch on electricity an operation.
(11) :Medium and low temperature cold store reduces the heat for the first time should the segment carry on,In order to prevent sharply reduce the heat to result in store body's transforming, the ground opens crack.
2,Parameter and protection function
(1) :Power supply:AC380V±10%,50HZ,three phases five lines system.
(2) :Apply environment:have no heat hot source, no strong electromagnetism field interference, no liquid irruptive, no explosion air and dust place.
(3) :Protect:(a) the circuit breaks phase with phase the preface protect(The piston machine has no phase a preface protection function);
(b)System high, low-pressure protects;(c)When compressor start postponed protection;(d)Compressor, the fan leads to carry a protection;(e)Sensor breaks down a protection.
(4) :Show:green of controller two figureses show,Show refrigerant temperature while working, show parameter code and setting value while setting.
(5) :Alarm:the code of trouble shooting to show to alarm, trouble shooting indicator to alarm.
3, check before machine set movement.
(1) :The machine set checks to distribution cabinet , cold store allotment electricity box outer shell and refrigerant system metal frame to connect a ground of protection device have to firm credibility before throwing in movement
(2) :Checking the power electric voltage should be stipulating scope to is in 380 ±10% .
(3) :Check system valve door whether the all in opens position.
(4) :Check system whether high pressure pressure, low pressure pressure, oil is normal.
4,Switch on to operate a step to see attachment 2(Electric appliances principle diagram)
(1):Connect the power to close to go together with to carry switch QF inside the electricity box,phase preface after the bright the electric appliances green indicator is preface exactitude phase,If the yellow indicator is bright should will phase preface after electric appliances X1,X2 two Be phase carry on making exchange, until correct.
(2)Open the switch of oil-heater in the wiring box when start compressor in first time,keep warm the compressor for 8-10 hours before starting the compressor.
(3):The parameter setting sees attachment 1(PJ32Y the temperature controls operating instructions), establish various parameters needed.Cut off to carry a switch to re- close again inside the box after establishing completion.
(4):Turn to switchbox last power switch 2 K in the door,as long as the parameter setting is correct, compressor, condensing fan motor, solenoid valve,evaporator fan motor works and carries on reducing the heat to the cold store.screw, swirl compressor switches on electricity an operation for the very first time should strictly according to ascend a section safety hints that Article 5 requests to carry on an operation.
5,Trouble exclusion
Trouble Analysis Treatment

1、Compressor doesn't start. 1.1 Power line
1.2 Control circuit wiring error.
1.3 RC131Parameter
1.4 Oil level light on system failure insufficient oil. 1.1.1 Check supply voltage measurements.
1.2.1 Check the control wiring schematic.
1.3.1 Read the RC131 manual re-set parameters.
1.4.1 Add the same type lubricant oil.

2、Compressor to start,but the sound anomaly. 
2.1 Sectional area of power line or transformer capacity is not enough.
2.2 Mechanical transmission parts stuck.

2.1.1 Proposed to replace the appropriate section of cable line or transformer capacity increase.
2.2.1 Repair or replace compressor.
3、Compressor over heating current rating 3.1 Refrigerant leak.
3.2 Contactor,thermal relay burned.
3.3 Compressor coil open circuit,short circuit,short circuit,or unbalanced three-phase resistance. 3.1.1 Add the same type of refrigerant leak.
3.2.1Replacement contactor or thermal relay
3.3.1 Repair or replace the compressor coil.
4、Compressor to start,protective devices. 4.1 High exhaust temperature, high pressure protection
4.2 Suction temperature is too low, low-voltage protection.
4.3 Oil pressure differential switch protected.
4.4 Oil flow switch protection 4.1.1 Additional cooling water or washing sink.
4.2.1 Cleaning the filter core or replace solenoid valve to add suitable refrigerant.
4.3.1 Clean or replace the oil filter cartridge.
4.4.1 Check the oil system and replacement of electrical components.