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4x70HP Hanbell screw compressor parallel unit work for 3x3000CBM Cold room --- E

  Type:Industry News   Date:2017-09-13 10:55:27  
4x70HP Hanbell screw compressor parallel unit work for 3x3000CBM Cold room --- Energy Saving.

Last week our factory finished a big project to Uzbekistan(Tashkent), there are 3 units of L30mxW20mxH5m cold rooms, each cold room volume is 3000CBM space, total 9000CBM, cold room temperature is -18C to store frozen beef.and forklift work in cold room.

Our engineer calculated two solutions.

one is one cold room use one refrigeration system. 3000CBM will need 200HP Compressors. so 3 units of 3000CBM will need 200HPx3=600HP. thats a big power for electricity and big investment for customer.

Solution two is 4x70HP Parallel system work for 3 cold rooms. only one refrigeration system,4 sets compressor have one discharge pipe and one suction pipe.the compressor first work for No.1 cold room, when No.1 cold room temperature come to -18C, the compressor will work for No.2 cold room. when No.2 cold room temperature come to -18C, the compressor will work for No.3 cold room.

But when 3 cold rooms all come to -18C, once one of No.1 or No.2 or No.3 temperature go higher. the compressor will work for any one who need cooling capacity.

Even one compressor broken or two compressor broken.other compressor still can work for them.

All the control by pressure and solenoid valve. each cold room will assemble one solenoid valve to control compressor.

The details is as following:

1)100mm PU panels for wall and ceiling and floor. but ceiling long is 20m, we make 7m+7m+6m, make 2 beam and column to support panels. for the floor, we make 100mm concrete on 100mm panels. then forklift can work on it.

2)Each cold room make one sliding door 2mx2.8m for froklift pass. Manual operation to open right.

3)The condensing unit is 4x70HP Hanbell screw compressor parallel unit.the condensing unit have to assemble outside oil separator and oil balancer, the key problems for screw compressors parallel unit is oil return.additional assemble suction filter,accumulator,oil cooling system.receiver tank,dry filter,solenoid valve,liquid sight glass.

The wiring controlled by PLC system. but please do not worry. our engineer already finished set the parameter in the PLC. customer just need to connect power source.

One 70HP compressor cooling capacity is 72.8KW at -25C evaporating temperature/+40C condensing temperature.

4)The condenser we offer evaporating condenser, this is air-cooled and water-cooled together condenser. its good for big project. Power is 520KW capacity.

5)Each cold room we offer 3 units of Evaporator, the evaporator model is DD-77/440

Cooling capacity is 77KW and heating area is 440sqm,
Fin space is 6mm with defrost.
Outside dimensions:L3320mmxW1040mmxH1010mm
Expansion valve capacity:27TR

Welcome all over the world friends to discuss with us about this project.if you have any questions or inquiry.please inform us any time.

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