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Condensing Unit Service Manual

  Type:Company News   Date:2017-08-14 15:19:13  
Drawing of Compressing & Condensing Unit

Ⅱ Installation
1、 Refer to technical parameters for installation dimensions and connections.
2 、The unit must be installed horizontally while the inclination of the table to be mounted on shall be less than 5℃.(See the drawing below):

3、The connections must be done in accordance with the requirements shown in the drawing below:
4、Tubing of the suction pipe
   The part of the horizontal suction pipe towards the refrigerant flowing direction shall have a inclination of 0.5% (5mm/1m).The section of the pipe must guarantee a minimal speed of the finally acquired air at 4m/s. In the vertical pipe, there must have a speed between 8-12 m/s to guarantee a correct back oil. At each foot of the vertical pipes, there must have a U-shape elbow, while the length of each U-shape elbow must be as short as possible to avoid accumulating too much oil. See the sketch below:

5、Charging refrigerant and cooling oil
 (1)、Charging refrigerant
 Normally charge refrigerant in liquid form from the multi-purpose passage of liquid feeding shut-off valve of the liquid storage tank, it is forbidden to charge refrigerant in liquid form from the suction port. After making vacuum of the system, the initial charging should be 1/3 of the liquid storage tank, then run the compressor and recharge it to the set amount, however no more than 70% of the capacity of the liquid storage tank.
(2) Replenishing cooling oil
   When the cooling system is running, part of cooling oil has gone along with the refrigerant to the pipe system and the oil level is declining, so the cooling oil should be replenished in time, while the amount of replenishment depends on the length of pipe.
Ⅲ Notes
1、 In order to reduce troubles of the system, please operate it in accordance with the requirements
2 、The design of the refrigerating system should help to reduce the on and off frequency of the compressor. The control elements chosen should be accurate, sensitive and reliable. When install the equipment, the temperature control, pressure control and time delayer must be adjusted to insure the on and off frequency, less than 6 times in an hour; each running time should be longer than 5 min, and each stop, no less than 3 min .
3 、The refrigerating cycle system must be cleaned and dried, without any organic compounds, metal impurities, detergent or acid matters and water content.
4 、The ratio of un-coagulated gas in the system should be less than 2%. Before charging freon, make a vacuum to absolute pressure below 10mmHg.
5、 The cooling oil is charged before delivery . The oil level declines because part of it has gone to the cycle system after running the machine. Replenish some oil to ensure that the oil level is not below the “Low Line”( The best value of oil level is half of oil gauge to  the top). Please replace the cooling oil according to the dirtiness of the oil. Normally change it after the first operating month, later on replace it every year.
6、All valves must be open before starting it up.
7、The compressor should be started up after getting a balance between the suction pressure and the discharge pressure. The balance pressure should be less than 13kgf/cm2. If the balance between the suction pressure and the discharge pressure can not be achieved, however, the pressure difference is less than 5kgf/cm2, it can also be started up.
8、The normal running voltage of the compressor is 342-418V(three- phrase), 198-242V(single-phase) . The lowest start-up voltage must be above 312V (three- phrase),198V(single-phase).
9、The unit has been dried through vacuum treatment and nitrogen charging before delivery, fix the unit to the cooling system as soon as possible, after opening the package to prevent the internal parts form corroding.
10、It is not allowed to use the compressor to make vacuum for the system, after fixing the unit to the system.
11、In order to prevent the compressor from overheating, it is prohibited to use back-heat mode of combining the suction pipe and the liquid-feeding pipe together when using this series of compressors.
12、It is not allowed in principle to use the evaporator of pipe-array for the compressing & condensing unit. If it is necessary to use the evaporator of pipe-array in some special cases, the inside of the pipe must be clean and without water, grease and matters of acid/alkali nature.
13、It is necessary to install an oil heater to the compressor, it shall be activated to heat the lubricant to avoid the refrigerant from moving when the power source is cut off from the compressor.
14、In order to ensure safe operation of the unit, it is also necessary to install a discharging heat protector .