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Refrigration After-sale Service

  Type:Company News   Date:2017-08-14 16:30:36  
After-sale Service
In order to ensure a safe and reliable operation of the machine and to extend its lifespan, please pay attention to routine maintenance.
Before opening the compressor
Check the oil level and see to that it is within the required range, while the oil must be clean.
Whether the liquid feeding valve and other valves in the system that should be open are in correct positions.
Check and see whether the voltage and the ambient temperature are in their required range.
Operating the compressor(swirl compressor)
After turning on the machine, check the hands of the high and low voltage gauges to see their swinging. The correct condition is: the high-voltage gauge pointing upwards, while the low-voltage gauge pointing downwards. Otherwise shut-off the switch, adjust the phase order until they are correct.
The suction and discharge pressures should not exceed the set range. Listen to the running, there should not be any intermittent noise or knocking.
Stop the machine and repair it immediately, when oil leaking occurs.
Clear dust and dirt from the blades of air-cooled refrigerant condenser and the dirt from the interior of heat transmitting pipe of the water-cooled condenser periodically.
Trouble shooting
Some common troubles of the compressor and analysis
The compressor doesn’t run
(1)  Missing phase in power supply
(2)  Over current
(3)  Lack of oil, while the bad lubrication causes protection from oil pressure difference
(4)  Unusual pressure causes protection form pressure switch.
The discharge pressure is too high or too low and its analysis
The discharge pressure is too high
The system contains un-coagulated gas (such as: air, etc)
The water valve of water-cooled condenser is not open or there is not enough water, the water pressure is too low or water deposit in the compressor is too thick.
The dust in the air-cooled condenser is too much or the fan is too small or broken, or the fan motor is broken.
There is too much refrigerant in the system.
The discharge tube is blocked
The liquid feeding valve doesn’t open large enough.
The discharge pressure is too low
There is not enough refrigerant in the system.
The ambient temperature is too low for air-cooling.
The temperature of the condensing water is too low or the quantity is too much.
The suction pressure is too high or too low and its analysis
The suction pressure is too high.
The expansion valve is opened too large.
The system contains un-coagulated gas( for example air, etc)
There is too much refrigerant in the system.
The high pressure and the low pressure collude with each other.
The temperature sensing package of expansion valve is not wrapped up.
The suction pressure is too low
The expansion valve is closed too much, or it freezes or is blocked.
The solenoid valve is not open.
The filter is blocked.
The liquid pipe is blocked.
The filling or gas of the temperature sensing package of expansion valve has been leaked.
The frost of the evaporator is too thick.
There is not enough refrigerant in the system.
Warranty rules and notes
1、Warranty rules
The customer uses the machine under right application, if it is out of order or cannot work regularly, which is caused by bad quality of components within a year from the sale-date, our company shall repair it free of charge or replace a new one.
If there is some thing wrong after the warranty period, our company is responsible for repairing, however the repair expense and parts cost shall be charged.
2、 Notes
During the guarantee period, if any trouble caused by improper operation on the part of the customer, our company shall be responsible for repairing service. We will charge the customer for the maintenance fee and the cost of parts replaced.
If the outside appearance of the product is damaged or the paint strips, etc, our company shall not be responsible for it.
During the warranty period, if any troubles occur, please inform our company or our authorized service centers, certified technicians shall be sent for on-site analysis and they will determine the solutions. Under no circumstances shall our company be responsible for repairing to unauthorized dismantling, checking by personnel from other company.