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Raw material Increase price again.

  Type:Company News   Date:2017-08-31 15:15:41  

Raw material Increase price again.

Hello Every new and old friends, China government environment department start to check all factory now,and stop many factories production,then Polyurethane material is in a short in market,so the price of raw material increase 40% than last month.

At same time,other raw material also increase 30% to 40% these 2 month,that is really very crazy.

1)Copper increase 30%
2)PU material increase 200%
3)Steel pipe increase 30%
4)Aluminium material increase 30%
5)304 stainless steel increase 40%
6)Freight cost increase 33.6%

Since July,August,September,raw material increase too much.

We still keep old price now.but very soon maybe we will adjust price.

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