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Pass China Government Evironment Department Inspection

  Type:Company News   Date:2017-09-05 10:13:11  

China Government Environment Department Inspect All factories about painting.

Now many small factories stopped now, thats why delievery time delay and increase price.

But now we still keep old price and continue to produce panels & Doors & Condensers & Evaporators & Condensing unit with painting. our painting equipment already pass China Government Environment inspection.

Cold room Polyurethane Sandwich Panels with 100mm,120mm,150mm thickness Series.
The external and inner panels cover is 0.326mm.0.4mm.0.5mm or 0.6mm thickness Pre-painted hot galvanized
Steel Sheet.
Available Width:500-1200mm. 
Connect Method:Dry-Joint System with Cam Lock.between two planels are male and female.