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  Type:Company News   Date:2017-09-04 09:08:09  
SM102-2 Microcomputer Temperature Controller
Execution Standard
Q / 320412BXV001-2013
1,Unlock:Hold the “unlock/Select”button until the “Lock” out,then you can start the set parameters.
2,Press “unlock/Select”button, the interface will display the numerical parameters and the corresponding,Press “▲”“▼” button to adjust the values.
Parameter code Parameter name range Factory set illustration
 1 Low limit -50℃~49.5℃ -15℃ The compressor shut down
2 Upper limit -49.5℃~50℃ -10℃ Compressor open
3 Spacing interval of defrosting
0~99h 5h timer mode:Total working time of the compressor
4 defrosting time 10~99m 30m -
5  the temperature of stopping the  defrosting 4℃~30℃ 15℃  reach the temperature,the frost will be shut down
6 Power up Delay 30s~360s 60s -
7 Time delay after the  defrosting 4m~99m 5m -
8 temperature correction
-5℃~5℃ 00℃ -
P After the sensor damaged,the time for compressor working 10~100m 15m -
L After the sensor damaged,the pause interval for compressor stop working 20~180m 30m -
Save Preferences:Without any operation, keep for 10 seconds,the system will automatically save the parameters.

Manual refrigeration:After controller power on again,hold the “▲”button for 3seconds,The controller will open the compressor.

Manual Defrosting:hold the “Manual defrost”button for 3 seconds,controller will begin to frost;at this time,hold the “Manual defrost”button for 3 seconds again, defrosting will be stopped.
Interface display
Code Illustration operation
F The temperature of refrigeration sensor -
H The temperature of  defrosting sensor Refrigeration,press the “Manual defrost”button,The screen will display  the temperature of stopping the  defrosting.
E remaining time
Of  defrosting
Defrosting,press the “Manual defrost”button,The screen will display remaining time of defrosting.
Fault indication
1、C-CCC:Temperature sensor is damaged,now controller will use Defrosting sensor acquiescently, in order to ensure that the compressor normal operation
2、H-HHH:Defrosting sensor is damaged,now controller will use Temperature sensor acquiescently, in order to ensure that the Defrosting  normal operation。
Hole Size:113mm(wide)×45mm(high
The sensor and the power line is not in the same pipeline.